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Lincoln Heights

LA's Next Big Neighborhood


Although the neighborhood has changed dramatically over the last century, Lincoln Heights has recently experienced a wave of new residents that have slowly begun transforming the community into a bustling commerce and residential district. Lincoln Heights is also the home of civil rights activist Cesar E. Chavez, and the neighborhood has a deep appreciation of his legacy.


Upon visiting Lincoln Heights, its easy to see the neighborhood's Victorian style homes dotting the surrounding areas. There is a plentiful mix of new and old homes that make the neighborhood an ideal home for new residents. With the addition of the Metro Gold Line station, Lincoln Heights has become one of the hottest up and coming neighborhoods and is expected to grow considerably in the years to come.


Lincoln Heights is considered to be the oldest and one of the most authentic neighborhoods outside of Downtown LA. It is a densely populated, youthful area that has a large community of artists and craftsmen, as well as a high percentage of Latino, Asian, and Pacific Islander residents. 

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