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The Crown of the Verdugo Hills


Known as the home of animation, Glendale is the headquarters for Walt Disney, DreamWorks, and Marvel Animation studios. In addition, the neighborhood features a diverse mix of new and classic style homes that can fit the needs of any family. Glendale also features the 2nd largest Armenian population outside of Yerevan, and is known for its exceptional Mediterranean cuisine.


Glendale has seen a lot of change over the years, but it has quickly risen to one of the more prominent neighborhoods in Southern California. Thanks to heavy municipal and outside investing, the city is rapidly expanding and re-branding itself as a fun town with lots to do and is definitely worth taking a tour.


Located just a few minutes east of Eagle Rock, Glendale is one of LA county's largest cities and features a wide variety of shopping centers and business districts that keeps it busy all year round.

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