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Eagle Rock

Eclectic Neighborhood with Deep Roots


Located between the communities of Glendale and Pasadena, Eagle Rock sits right underneath the 134 Freeway and the Eagle Rock boulder (pictured at the top) from which it takes its name. The neighborhood features a large inventory of extravagant homes found north of Colorado Blvd, which serves as one of the major roads for the community.


Although its considered a relatively quiet community, Eagle Rock has seen an increase in shops and new restaurants that make it much more lively. In addition, the community is known to host several large music festivals and concerts in the park that can be fun for the whole family. With so much to do and people to connect with, Eagle Rock is the perfect neighborhood to raise a family.


Once a vast farming community, Eagle Rock has changed drastically since its founding and become one of LA's most sought after neighborhoods.

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